Gluten Free Wine

Wine is fabulous choice of beverage and has for a long time been the essence of many gatherings around the world. It has been the center of many joyous occasions in people’s lives (when used in moderation).

Everything from Proposals to Dismissals, from baby announcements to celebrations of family togetherness, wine brings out the best in us and the worst in us. It is truly an elixir to those who use it for what it is really intended for- to enjoy, liberate and rejoice.

Interesting to note that down through the centuries, wine has long been used for a variety of affairs. Included in these was gift-giving to superiors of ancient times, a bartering for work done, and used as a customary beverage within the Royal kingdom as well as households of many. Some of these customs stretch to our day and that is why wine is such a hot commodity.

It is easy to see why one would be quite concerned with the idea of not being able to enjoy wine in their life because most have enjoyed the celebratory joy that wine can bring. It could put a damper on one’s entertainment.

So the question that lies with those who are on a gluten free diet is: Is wine gluten free?

YES, wine is gluten free.


Wine is made from grapes and other fruits such as blackberries, pomegranates, apples, elderberries, oranges, some vegetables and even marijuana, it would make wine naturally gluten free. However, as someone who has a gluten issue, you may have to be on guard of where the wine was manufactured and make sure it comes from a maker who practices high quality manufacturing habits.

Higher Grade wines are stored in barrels that are sealed with a simple metal ring and hammer, and although you can’t really know the whole process involved with bottling the wine, you will be happy to know that, as of yet, complaints about those who have gotten a gluten allergic reaction from drinking wine have NOT come to the fore. As a matter of fact the contrary, many have found wine to be not only beneficial for stomach ailments but soothing to the soul (Again when drank in moderation).

So my hypothesis is this: Yes, Wine is naturally gluten free and to be enjoyed!

May it bring you as much joy as it does me to have a glass from time to time and may it help you savor the moments in your life that mean the most to you!

Viva Gluten Free!

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