Gluten Free Eating Out

Gluten Free eating out can be a real issue.

How difficult can it be to discover you have a gluten allergy and have to really start watching how you eat, not only at home but especially when stepping out the door? Ugh! Like you don’t have enough problems to handle in your life!

Does this sound like your personal situation? Do you just want to crawl up under a rock and never come out out of mere shame as to having to deal with this new allergy? Does the thought of ever going out to eat again overwhelm you?

You are not alone. Remember the statistic of 1 in every 133 people have a gluten allergy and don’t even know it. Better yet, many restaurants and eating establishments are recognizing this intensifying need to meet the demand of the gluten free public.

Many in the food service industry are stepping it up when it comes to gluten free eating out to take care of YOU!

They are doing it for 2 reasons:

1) To make sure that YOU, the customer, is happy with their service, food and your general dining experience.

2) To make sure that they stay current and continue to evolve as a restaurant/food establishment.

If they want to stay in business, many restaurants understand that they have to work with YOU, the consumer, to make sure that YOUR needs are met by providing the foods you can eat and preparing it the way YOU need it prepared. They recognize that gluten free eating out is a must for some so they will accommodate if they know what is good for them in the long run.

That is Great News!!!

Now, what can you do to ensure that your restaurant experience is met with satisfaction when it comes to gluten free eating out?

Here is a list of things to make sure you do:

1) Before going to eat, make sure you prepare your mind to stand up for your new allergy. The most daunting of tasks can be reassuring yourself that this is the best thing for you. You deserve to feel good and healthy and you have to take ownership of that fact before you walk out that door because no one else will do it for you.

2) Before you step out that door, do your research online to search out gluten free restaurants or gluten friendly restaurants in your area. Many eating establishments have their menu online for you to see so that you can have some idea of the foods they serve and what to expect.

3) Educate your mate, friend, relatives who will go with you, etc., about your gluten allergy even before you enter into the restaurant. I can’t emphasize this enough, because when you have a support system in place prior to ever going out, you are better equipped to handle your experience. Also, this can avoid needless embarrassment on your part or guests when you start to ask questions. You understand why you have to eat gluten free, but if your support system doesn’t understand, they can be more of a hindrance to your needs than a support. Not worth the aggravation, so educate them in private.

4) Once at the restaurant, kindly ask the wait staff to help you. They are educated as to how to help you with your allergy, so use that knowledge to your advantage. If the wait staff doesn’t seem educated, there is no need on your part to be rude. Cut them some slack because it will bode well for you when you are ordering! Kindness is always appreciated!

5) Last but not least, enjoy what you order and make sure to let the restaurant know if you had a great experience. You are carving the path for others with your same situation and helping them to have a great experience as well. Pay it forward! And to the staff, don’t be stingy with your tip if they were able to help you order a gluten free meal. They work hard to make sure you are satisfied so show them the $$. Money talks ( No, I have never been a waitress, but I can imagine that their job is not easy, making sure that their patrons are happy, especially when they have to learn about your allergy.)

I hope that this was a help to you when it comes to gluten free eating out. I know that by applying these simple but effective suggestions, I have been able to have wonderful dining experiences for the last going on 4 years. I don’t ever feel deprived or neglected by the “eating out” world. My goal is that you won’t either.

Bon Appetit!!!

Extra, Extra Read All about it!!

For an easy, quick way to find out which restaurants are gluten free/gluten free friendly in your area, head on over to my friends Harold and Dona's site: Celiac Restaurant Guide. It is a great directory to bookmark and have as a resource guide. Share the love by telling your friends. Heck, invite your friends to dinner with you and allow them to enjoy as well.

Then, when you have tried out a restaurant on the list, Come back here to my Restaurants Review page and let us know how you enjoyed your dining experience! We all love a cheerful giver and by giving your opinion, you are paying it forward!

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