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Growing at a Rapid Pace the World over!

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Gluten free foods are a necessity those of us who have a celiac, gluten intolerance and/or gluten sensitivity. That is a known fact.

We have expertly learned how to research, shop and cook for our needs in world that was at one time quite limited in the knowledge of anything gluten free.

We had to learn how to maneuver our way through this gluten infested world without much help and support. That, at times, caused frustration and anxiety but we learned how to do it. 

I have to say, if there was a major in University on eating gluten free, most of us would have graduated with a PhD in gluten free foods!

Am I right or am I right?

And for those of you who are newbies to the gluten free world, you will also learn to master your dietary resolutions in the same expert way. Just give it time and patience. 

We know that gluten free is the only way to eat. For us, eating this way is not just a luxury but it is a necessity! Either we do it and stay healthy or we don’t and become gravely ill.

However, to think that the world would catch on so quickly is really too good to be true.

Or is it?

That is exactly what is happening.

The demand of gluten free foods in the community is taking the world by storm… Many would say that the manufacturing industry has failed in terms of creating safe food for the general public, but is that really the case?

Yes and No.

  • Yes, in that the overproduction of chemically enhanced gluten has created a large mess in our digestive tracts. The rush, rush, rush of trying to produce food for our fast paced lifestyles has contributed largely to many of us getting sick from it. That is the result of meeting the demand.
  • No, in that because of this result, many manufactures have recognized the importance of change to meet this ever growing demand of gluten free diets, and they have thus created a new sector of the food Industry. That is the upside of all this.

So, the reality is this:

We now have more products and services to meet our needs. Thank goodness for that.

BUT, be warned, because you are still in charge of your health, make wise choices! This new-found freedom is not a license to go hog wild when it comes to gluten free eating. The manufacturers are still new to all this transition and still out to make a buck so they won't care as much as you do about YOUR health. That can create a whole different host of problems if we are not careful. Have a plan in place and remember that your health is your number one priority.

Harsh but True!

Customer service is growing in this field and that is nice to see!

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