Gluten Free Dog treats
Grain Free Dog Treats

Gluten Free dog treats and Grain Free dog treats are becoming more and more popular.


Simply put, we love our furry friends. They make up a large part of our families. Statistically the amount of families that own one or more dog is increasing daily.

And many are coming into our homes with one allergy or sensitivity after another, so wouldn't it be nice to nurture them by caring for their needs in the form of gluten free / grain free dog treats?

To find out if your dog may have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, click here.

That is why it is becoming ever more important for us, as dog owners, to make sure that what our dogs eat is healthy and allergen free.

Because of busy life styles, many choose to purchase these gluten free dog treats instead of make them.

I personally like: 

Grain-Free Dog Treats Flavor: Lamb and Sweet Potato
Sojos Grain-Free Dog Treats Duck & Cherry 10 oz

How can you purchase a sensible treat that will not fill your dog with unhealthy ingredients all the while masking themselves to be certified “gluten free / grain free”?

Check the ingredients. Also check the labeling. This is so important because there have been reports of our beloved canines getting very ill from ingredients used in other countries-we won’t name names (china) - so please make sure you are aware of what you are giving your dog.

How to tell if your dog treat is safe:

1.       Purchase local if you can. If that is not possible, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have been reported to have strong safety practices.

2.        Make sure the safety standards of the production facility enforce rigorous, continuous testing both during the process of making as well as the finished product.

3.       Quality conscious treat manufactures make sure that their relationship with suppliers is top notch which yields a higher quality treat for you and your pup.

4.       Remember, it isn’t about the money that you spend; it is about the safety of your pet. Treat them as you would yourself with your allergy. They are very sensitive to these allergies and can suffer badly if you choose the “Cheap” route to go.

Another route, that I highly recommend to ensure the highest of quality gluten free dog treat, is to make it yourself. It only takes a few minutes and a little love to make sure your pooch is safe.

Here are some great homemade treat recipes that we have enjoyed in our household:          

·     Grain free  Peanut Butter Molasses Treats 

·     Gluten free Ginger Banana Treats 

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