Gluten Free Dog Treats

Ginger banana gluten free treats

Gluten free dog treats made at home are always the way to go, in my measly opinion.

I mean…. How awesome is it for your little hound to have all the best ingredients in his treats. Talk about being spoiled.

Boy, we really love our dogs, don’t we?

This recipe is dear to my heart because it has a story behind it.

We had just gotten Darcy a few months before (December 18th, 2012 to be exact) and I was starting to spoil him ROTTEN… 

I wanted the best for my new little pup and that meant especially in the way he ate all the time. My In-laws thought I was crazy (that’s ok though because they warmed up to the idea too.) We were living with them for the time being and they just didn’t think there was much involved with feeding dogs. You buy their food at the local grocery store and their treats as well. It was as easy as that. However, as soon as we got Darcy, our little Shih Tzu, I knew that he was going to be a gluten free boy. It is the only way to eat in our house and the fact that he was suffering already from a very sensitive belly and itching attacks reinforced my decision. 

Ok, now fast forward a few months into the spring. My immediate family (My husband, son and I) decide to move back to Atlanta, GA.

A quick move- Yes!

A bad decision- NO!

We got ready to drive back to Georgia, and I started searching for gluten free dog treats at the locally owned pet store that I have come to dearly love as well as online, something that would help Darcy with his car sickness. I searched and searched and searched. I found nothing. This is when these gluten free dog treats were found, thanks to Gluten Free Canteen. Just enough Ginger to help settle Darcy’s stomach mixed one of his favorite fruit. Can’t beat that!

A small note:

Ginger is a wonderful, natural spice that aids digestion. It is also safe for dogs.

the Gluten Free Canteen recipe

To click over to the Gluten Free Canteen recipe, click here!

I will say that I improvised a little to the recipe to make it my own. Feel free to do the same as well.

For example, I used Almond Flour instead of the combo mix that she mentions. 

Lulu and Pheobe with their Ginger Banana Dog Treats from Gluten Free Canteen!

Aren't the Adorable?

I find it better for Darcy to have grain free dog treats so I work hard to make sure the flours are grain free as much as possible.  I also used the whole banana and added a little more Greek yogurt so that it wasn’t so stiff. 

Gluten free dog treats

The Result…

Darcy LOVED them so much that I almost ran out even before our trip started. But… We did make the 20+ hour drive with little guy in the back seat as calm as can be without major belly issues, thanks to these treats.

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