Gluten Free Coffee

YES! Coffee is Gluten Free!

With a coffee store on every corner, which one do you gravitate too.

Personally, I LOVE STARBUCKS! Grande Extra Hot, Soy, Hazelnut Latte! That is always my beverage of choice! And each time it takes me to a far away favorite place in my mind. A place of contentment and pure bliss.

Come on! You know I'm not alone! A great cup of coffee can do that.

Come on! You know I'm not alone! A great cup of coffee can do that.

Starbucks is number #1 for a reason. And it doesn't matter if we have our last Fiver in our pocket, it is usually the coffee place of choice. The atmosphere is epic and the aroma just captivating! OK, now I'm craving my cup of sheer joy!

So it doesn't come as a surprise that I will always highly recommend Starbucks!

It doesn't matter which time of year it is, they have done an amazing job at burning a whole in our minds and tastebuds for a craving of a great gluten free coffee.


Let's face it, they have worked on the whole “Bitterness” complaint. There coffees are new and improved.

Worth a shot every time!

So, if you ask me what my preference is when it comes to gluten free coffee:

Starbucks it is!

Don't forget their teas, wonderful appliances, and other great accessories! Buy them online and you will usually get a great discount!

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