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Our Glorious Gluten Free Life, Issue #002 -Loving your Fabulous life
March 05, 2013
Hi There

What an amazing time of year!

Even if you are buried deep in snow like I am here in Good Ole Canada, the feeling of spring is in the air. Could it be that it is wishful thinking or extreme optimism.

Whatever it is, I am a firm believer in the fact that what we think about, we produce. In this case it is a healthy, positive thought and desire to see spring come in!

With springtime comes lighter meals and fancy new platters to put on your table. We tend to feel inspired when we know that warmer weather is coming.

It lifts our souls somehow. And food is the nucleus of a joyful soul, at least in my Latin culture.

Are you starting to think about all those tasty Gluten Free dishes you will be making?

Grilled vegetable pasta salad

A Spring Risotto with mixed vegetables

Quinoa Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Just to name a few!

The inspiration is everywhere. With the newness of life comes the inspiration we all need to either get back on track or stay focused more than ever on our Gluten Free way of eating.

Feel free to Share your favorite spring time recipes with me and our visitors!

How can you share your favorite Gluten free gourmet meal? 2 Ways:

Contact Me! Contribute Directly on my Contribution Page!

Now on to the Quote of the Month:

A great quote will set the stage for your mindset in the coming month…

A great quote can shift your thought process from negative to positive…Quotes are so important:

Here it is:

“Make your plans for the year in the spring and your plans for the day early in the morning.”

How fitting is this!!

Make the most of this month to create a game plan for how you will proceed through the rest of the year! Take advantage of the newness of life of spring to help instill in you a new Passion for life, especially your Gluten Free life! You have more support now than ever to achieve your goals! So just do it!

Keep doing what you are doing and continue to grow in your confidence for the Gluten Free way!

May your March be all that it needs to be spearhead your future!

In other words,

Viva Gluten Free with Passion, Persistence, and Patience!

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