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Our Glorious Gluten Free Life, Issue #002 -Loving your Fabulous life
February 05, 2013
Hi There

February is the month of love and when there is Love, there is eating!

Oh, what to eat?

When you are living the gluten free life, it may seem that at times it can be so difficult to plan ahead for a Gluten Free Gourmet Meal. But really is that the case anymore?

Not Really!! How about a nice Pan Seared Filet Minion with a nice creamy mushroom sauce and Garlic Mashed Potatoes with leafy greens. OR Vegetable Panang Curry over a bed of Steamed Rice?

They can both be made gluten free. Strawberries dipped in Chocolate- Gluten Free! Pound Cake dipped in Chocolate- Gluten Free! Fruit dipped in Caramel Sauce-Gluten Free!

The options are endless!

Now a days, Gluten Free is becoming a household name so there is no need to fear what you will eat with your loved one…So Enjoy. Be Creative. Share!

How can you share your favorite Gluten free gourmet meal? 2 Ways:

Contact Me! Contribute Directly on my Contribution Page!

Now on to the Quote of the Month:

A great quote will set the stage for your mindset in the coming month…A great quote can shift your thought process from negative to positive…Quotes are so important:

Here it is:

“Strength shows not only in the ability to persist, but in the ability to start over”

How does this apply to us?

Well, for starters, Newbies:

Do you find that you start and stop more times than the sun rises and sets?

Do you feel like you are a failure because you have to keep starting over with your gluten free diet?

You are NOT alone…For all of us who have been eating the gluten free way for some time, starting and stopping was a huge obstacle to overcome. We understand how you feel as a newbie… We understand all the feelings behind your struggle. It will get better. That is a fact. Your Strength, your resolve, will prove itself as you adapt… What are some things you can do in the meantime?

1.)Try and Try again.

2.)Research, Research, Research!

3.)Advocate your Lifestyle.

4.)Build a solid support system by educating those around you.

5.)Try and Try again. (Wait didn’t I say this already? Yes, because it is that important!)

For those who have been living a Gluten Free life for a while, my advice to you is this…

Keep doing what you are doing and continue to grow in your confidence for the Gluten Free way!

In other words,

Viva Gluten Free with Passion, Persistence, and Patience!

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