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Our Glorious Gluten Free Life, Issue #004 Settling in after a big move
August 01, 2013

Greetings my fellow gluten free-ers!


September is here! Labor Day marks a new year of sorts. It is the mark that summer is officially over and the Fall is about to work its way in, hopefully, gracefully...

So, what are you preparing for this September season? Are you preparing for the kids to be back in school? Are you setting new goals for yourself as a new season begins? Are you thinking about transitioning your closets from summer to winter clothing yet?

Personally I think it is too early for that but that is only because i live In the South and I try to hold on to Summer as long as I can! It does work well for my organizational skills though. Being a wife, mother of a homeschooler and business person, if I don't prepare now, it will all go to pot!

Whatever you are thinking about, are you doing it in a gluten free way?

For example, do you have children who have recently been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance or you suspect they have a gluten allergy?

I want to take the rest of this ezine to focus on this important issue and to help you reflect on the importance of the above question...

Bullying is a real issue and lack of preparedness on your part as a parent can create a whole mess of issues for your precious child.

It would be wise NOW before school starts to make sure that they are fully prepared mentally, emotionally and physically for all what they will experience in the school setting...being bullied is no joke and kids won't think twice to "call out", embarrass, even go as far as humiliating your gluten free child if it will help them get a leg up in the popularity department.

So what are some thing you can do to prepare?

1) Educate you and your child on their allergy. 2) Help them understand how important it is for them to know what they are working with and this can be done according to their age level. 3) Create Role play opportunities to help them practice how they will defend their diet restriction with their peers and teachers. Make sure they learn how to do this in a respectful and kind manner. That may help deflect any bullying that may come their way. Use illustrations that are easy for them to understand and that will help them help others understand. For example, they can say something like this: " my gluten allergy doesn't allow me to eat food with gluten in it because it will make me very sick. It is like feeding me poison. And you know what would would happen to you if you ate poison!" By helping them force others to think of the consequences, it will put them in line to being respected for their differences in the long run. 4)This one is very important! Parents, make sure that your children have healthy substitutions for regular food they will see in school. Buy them gluten free treats once in a while to help them feel like they can fit in even a little bit. Kids are kids and they want to feel like they aren't sticking out like a sore thumb. You can help them with that!

For some amazing suggestions for lunchtime meals for your kids, visit my colleague's website: Keeley McGuire

I hope these tips help you help your gluten free kids. We get by with a little help from our friends! These are tips that we have personally used in our household and they are good for all ages! Because we all know bully's don't stop at childhood! Some adults reflect these terrible behavioral traits just because they don't know any different and are ignorant. So we can be great examples to our children on how to stand up for our differences!

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Now on to the Quote of the Month:

A great quote will set the stage for your mindset in the coming month…

A great quote can shift your thought process from negative to positive…Especially for this important subject on bullying!

Quotes are so important. They are food for thought.

Here it is:

"Can we not teach children, even as we protect them from victimization, that for them to become victimizers constitutes the greates t peril of all, specifically the sacrifice--physical or psychological--of the well-being of other people? And that destroying the life or safety of other people, through teasing, bullying, hitting or otherwise, "putting them down," is as destructive to themselves as to their victims."

Lewis P. Lipsitt

Take a moment to reflect on what this means!

May it help you in your journey toward your goals, any goal, especially those in the gluten free way!

In other words,

Viva Gluten Free with Passion, Persistence, and Patience!

Peace out till next time! And keep in touch with my website. I am always creating new content and if you have any suggestions, feel free to Contact me!!!

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